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Issue with the inmersion packages, again




I was flying the 757 and it showed some effects from the wings as you can see here. Actually all my planes show that effect after the install of Precipit




But when it comes to the 737 or 777 they effects hardly show. Or the plane has to be to high or the worst weather possible which is not fun

I changed plane and kept the same weather of the 757 Orbx weather 4 which I think is "saturated enough" isn't it? At least to some some effects on the wings and engines...but saw not a single effect






My products are updated

So I opened the manager to see if all is ok and this is the third time that the board reads configure, only the 747 reads ready. Third time I have to close the sim and go to Central and configure, which is starting to be annoying




Do you have an explanation, please? Usually see effects after this but I don't want to be doing that every day






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So, 737 Immersion removes the wingtip vortices because the real aircraft doesn't product any in these conditions mostly because of the winglets (that's the purpose of having winglets...). They will be visible at the flaps' trailing edge when the air is saturated on landing. For the 777, they will only show when the angle of attack is very high, just like in real life.


PrecipitFX only replaces the default effect with better looking ones without modifying their behavior with regards to weather.


We changed the labels in Immersion Manager to read "INSTALLED" instead of "CONFIGURE" to avoid confusion. This will be pushed in the next update.


So from what I can see, everything works correctly.

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Hello Keven


Thank you for the clarification


I'll test accordingly





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