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I deeply apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a look up in search and was unable to find this specific issue.


I purchased a lot of products today to get v5 up and running, (im coming from Xplane). 


I originally installed everything into the library, but then also tried installing directly into p3dv5 folder. List of purchases....


  1. base pack
  2. Building hd
  3. trees HD
  4. openLC North America 
  5. NA Region pack


These packs do not seem to be working unless im missing something? For example my trees do no look like the screenshots presented in the product


Is it possible these just don't actually work with V5 yet?



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Orbx Central gives you only compatible scenery to install. Did you uncheck Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation? Other than that, try verifying files in Orbx Central.

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5 minutes ago, ocyrus said:

Hey @micko, yes it is unchecked. My KSFO airport looks really blocky too. Thats the first one ive tried in Norcal.



welcome to the forums.

Those do look just like Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation.

To see the change, the simulator must be restarted.

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@Nick Cooper thanks for welcoming me!


Heres a screenshot, after it has been unchecked, and p3d completely restarted.


Can also see San Francisco off in the distance, and it doesn't have all the buildings like the ones in the screenshots for NA. (And yeah I flew close to make sure it wasn't just a drawing distance)



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That's because scenery complexity, draw distance and building density. I don't know if your PC is capable to crank it up a bit - just play with the sliders.

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Posted (edited)


Try this

open Orbx central.then settings .then open help.then use the Sync Simulator.

i had same problem and this solved it by getting V5 to recognise the Addons.you should have to add them as Prepar3d is loading.


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