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Hello everyone. I recently purchased Orbx Global Base, Vector and took advantage of the free to play PrecipitFX as well. I installed everything via Orbx Central and configured my sim according to the user guide. When I loaded up the sim, I was getting 0.5fps according to P3d, but when I actually timed it, it was closer to 0.02fps. After a lot of frustration, I figured out there was an addon conflict somewhere thanks to a Redditor who helped me in my post to r/flightsim about this problem. I turned everything off except for the Orbx scenery addons and restarted the sim. Lo and behold, it loaded fine and I was getting a steady 75fps at Lackland AFB on the runway in the Maul with ActiveSky weather running at dusk. So I started turning things back on one at a time and what I found was that the Navigraph Simlink was causing the slideshow issue. Has anyone else had this problem with Simlink and how did you fix it? I use Navigraph charts quite a bit on a second monitor and the moving map feature is great when I'm flying to airports I'm not familiar with, as well as other things too. I don't want to lose that functionality for the sake of prettier scenery since I prioritize systems and procedures over beauty typically. With that being said though, Orbx looks really nice and I don't want to not have it either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds like a graphic card problem to me. I wouldn't call it a conflict with Orbx.

I have Orbx scenery running on my 4 external screens via View groups. Occasionally, I have opened Navigraph Charts on top of the running P3d. When I pressed the Simlink button I don't think I see too much of a drop in P3d v4.5HF FPS?


It annoyed me seeing maps appear on outside screens so I simply added a retired Samsung 8" Android Wi-Fi Tab to my set up. Simple to install Navigraph Charts on that and I leave it open all the time. Links perfectly  with Simlink. (Still no change in frame rates) through the house Wi-Fi router.

It may be a solution. 


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Interesting. What makes you think it's a graphics card issue? I don't have issues in any other systems or games, and Simlink to my knowledge, doesn't utilize the GPU since it's not rendering anything, only transmitting the Aircraft's in game position. I don't have issues if I open Navigraph Charts. The issues only start if I have the Simlink addon active in P3d.

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