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answered Products from cfg P3Dv4\Orbx to Orbx Library xml P3Dv5

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Hello team,


Just to be sure : I have read that I can copy/move products from v4 to v5 and Central will recognize them.


If I want to copy all products from P3Dv4 \ Orbx who are installed to cfg way ,to My name \ Orbx Library \ P3Dv5 can I do that and also use the xml way ?


I also have Addon Organizer who is compatible with v5.




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Would love to know the answer to this too. My guess is that the P3D4 .cfg way won't be able to be copied over to Orbx Library\P3Dv5 because the file structure with the .cfg method is completely different.

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11 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


your guess is entirely correct.

The only way to successfully do this is to let Orbx Central migrate the files.

If you do, the required file structure is built.


Did this for the whole catalogue. First migrated to xml in 4.5, next copied and checked files using Orbx Central according to Ed's instructions. Took me half a day, but as far as I checked all seems to have gone well.


You only have to keep an eye on the not yet compatible items which I migrated and copied over, too, for later use, but disabled via SimStarter for now, until they will become  compatible.


Kind regards, Michael

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One thing I have noticed is that the order in the Library is pretty messed up.

I know how to make a correct order but I see some entries that are new to me :


- Germany : Elevation Stub / Global

- OpenLC : Europe Scenery 0701 / 0602 / 0601 / Elevation Stub

- HD Trees : never had this entry . It was placed at the top of the Library...

- England : Elevation Stub / England Scenery Global

- TE NL : Elevation Stub

- Dubrovnik : Elevation Stub

- Global Base Scenery 

- Libraries Lookup

- Libraries Global


See the screenshots . 
What is the correct order ?

Here 2 examples



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I must be daft but the process doesn't make sense to me. Ed says that any product compatible can simply be installed via Central, then in the next sentence says to not download anything you already have installed in P3D v4.x. I just want my compatible products available in P3D v5.x. Can I not just use Central to download them all? My existing products are in the simulator root folder, not migrated to the library. Perhaps that is the rub...

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