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Hey guys,


Facing a small issue here - the lighting at EGPH lets off these block-like textures both during the day and at night (lights are on during the day in all weather conditions). Any help to get rid of them would be great! Running V4.5


Cheers Joel




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Hey Nick,


I tried clearing the shaders and nothing has changed. Still see these block like lighting textures. Can I disable a BGL, Effect or Texture file as a work around? The airport is otherwise a pleasure to fly into (outside of the struggle to get the jetways to connect to the bigger craft).<_<


Cheers, Joel. 

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Look like there is some "overlapping" from other addon/shader. 

As showed at Nick's pictures EGPH should work fine. 

questiosn- are there any "generic" addons and shaders are you running- any night environment and it's kind, reshade/any other shaders?


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