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Qantas QF64, Johannesburg to Sydney

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Ok, lets try this one again.  The previous posting got deleted because, I suppose, not enough Orbx scenery was showing.

This flight is the very last QANTAS Boeing 747 flight out of Johannesburg, on Thursday, 26th, March, 2020.

On Saturday, 28th March, 2020, All Qantas 747's were retired immediately.

Orbx Global Base

Orbx OpenLC Africa.

Johannesburg International Airport, (O.R. Tambo Intl.)  FAOR,  by NMG Simulations.

PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Sky

ActiveSky for P3Dv4

REX Sky Force for P3Dv4

AIGTech AI traffic, One Click Installer.


From the FlightAware.com website.

Qantas 64

 QFA64 / QF64

 JNB JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA                                                   SYD SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

 left GATE A18 OR Tambo Int'l - JNB                                                                   landed at  Sydney - SYD

 THURSDAY 26-MAR-2020 08:16PM SAST                                 FRIDAY 27-MAR-20200  4:53PM AEDT

(1 hour 28 minutes late)                                                                         (1 hour 26 minutes late)

11h 37m total travel time




Aircraft Type

Boeing 747-400 (quad-jet) (B744)


Boarding at the Gate.



Push Back Complete.



On Taxiway to RWY 21R



Line up on 21R









Heading out to the Indian Ocean coast, Pietermaritzburg and Durban.



If you would like to fly this route, here is the Route Data, you know what to do.


DCT APDAK UQ48 APMAT/N0498F320 DCT TGV/N0495F330 DCT 3142S03247E 3346S03432E/N0492F320 3727S03735E 3944S03928E 4256S04208E/N0488F340 4542S04450E 5032S05117E 5322S05723E/N0485F320 5427S06027E/N0482F330 5625S06847E/M082F330 5710S07500E 5718S07626E/M083F350 5722S08302E 5539S09450E/M081F330 5440S09829E 5334S10228E/M079F310 5221S10707E 5150S10921E/M083F350 4951S12019E/M084F370 4835S12505E 4713S12858E 4519S13312E/M084F390 4121S13937E/M083F370 DCT KAYTU DCT ML/M084F390 H129 DOSEL Y59 RIVET






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Fantastic light is these (historic?) shots. Makes me remember how long the lifespan of the 747 "Longreach" is.


Your Joburg does not look too good, but at least it works. I still won´t buy any of those on the market.

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Your Joburg does not look too good, but at least it works. I still won´t buy any of those on the market.


Yep, it is old, I got it for FSX years ago, and then a free update came out for P3Dv4, so I tried it out.

I'm to, waiting for something decent for Johannesburg, don't know if I'll live long enough to see that !

My FSDG Cape Town is OK, but it could do with some modernization. 




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