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Dear Forum Users,

I am new to Orbx and currently using Aerofly FS2 (the Steam Version) running on Mac.


While I am quite happy with the scenery offered by Steam, I am trying to install the Swiss Cultivation Package and wanted to donwload other Orbx products.

Sadly only Xplane is compatible with Orbx Direct on Mac and therefore I tried to manually download. Sadly when I click manual download, it tells me that the Server of : push.cdn.orbxdirect.com could not be found.


Does anyone have an Advice to how to install / download the Packages?


Thank you very much, stay healthy and a nice Sunday,



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Same problem here. On two macbooks:


- Aerofly from appstore, detected by Orbx central

- Aerofly from steam, not detected by Orbx central


And it is impossible to set the path of aerofly manually, only for xplane.


Thank you,


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I have moved this topic to the Orbx Central forum.

No one will be able to help you unless you add the Orbx Central log.

You can open it on the Settings\Help page and attach a copy to your next post.


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Hello Thomas,

I would very much like to help you out but I do not have your OS.

I will ask the Orbx Central developers to have a look, the delay

might be because it is Easter weekend. 


In case it might help, here is where Orbx Central is looking in Windows.



 "currentSimulator": {
    "base": "afs",
    "name": "Aerofly FS 2",
    "abbreviation": "afs2",
    "abbreviationDownload": "afs2",
    "executable": "aerofly_fs_2.exe",
    "rootPath": "E:\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator",
    "configuration": {},
    "version": "",
    "tooltip": "E:\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator"


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