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Hello Simmers,


Herewith a problem I had above EGLC but now above LC Africa.

I keep crashing in the same place about 30 miles from Agadir in N/O direction. Then I am at 3000 a 5000 feet. My last flight Casablanca to Agadir crashed on the same place. 30 miles distance to Agadir.

Now you can say, delete crash detection but this not how it must work. Also a Cessna crashed.


I'm not waiting for the replies to delete crash detection. I should like know what the reason is of this problem.


I hope anybody can tell me what's wrong with this.


Joop Verboom





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I should like know what the reason is of this problem.


This problem dates back to the release of FSX in 2006. 

Errors in the coding and the completion of DirectX 10 were never fixed or completed as Microsoft shut down the FSX team and abandoned the project.

Experienced Simmers have had "Crash Detection" turned off for the last 14 years to avoid the problem.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft errors, short comings in their code have been carried over into P3D, and only Lockheed Martin can fix it as they now have the source code.


So, turn off your crash detection and enjoy your flight.




Edit:-  I was suspicious so I checked back in the archives, and this same problem existed in FS 2009 A Centenary of Flight.  A quick Google search finds the problem dating back to at least May 2004 and discussed  in  the forums on flightsim.com.

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15 minutes ago, Chris.D said:

So, turn off your crash detection and enjoy your flight.

Exactly so, Chris.  Crash detection has never been accurately represented in either FSX or P3D, as far as I know.  It has made no sense to me that some folks insist on keeping crash detection enabled because "it contributes to the reality of the sim", when, in fact, it does not.

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Hi Stewart, I just added a bit more to my post.  I was sure I had the problem in FS2009, a crash at 16000 ft between the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay, so I looked it up.

My memory is not as sharp as it was.




Edit:-  I looked it up in my FS9 notes, wasn't as easy to do in FS9 as it was in FSX.

Insert one line into the config file,  DisableForceCollideDetection = 1


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Hello Nick,


No I can.

I flyed with uninstalled LC Africa, just as previous many times GMMN-GMAD and vice versa. No problem.

It will be a bug I presume. But that,s not the intention. May I say that? Even so EGLC.

My conclusion is that it's not my PC. Not the plane. Other plane idem dito.


I had to make a correction. I wrote N/O but that must be N/E north east. N/O is dutch. But I got the crash with heading 90 too. After two minutes.

How my crash looks: In climbing position hanging in the air. So it looks not as a real crash on the ground. The word "crash"is not mentioned.


Now, I can't tell you more.


Thanks for your reaction.



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1 hour ago, joopverboom@planet.nl said:

Meanwile without crash detection, I got it also on the same place.




I just tested this.


With crash detection on I got a mid air crash at 4000' about 28nm from the airport heading between 060 and 090 degrees..


HOWEVER, I turned off crash detection and no crash.  

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