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Sometime ago I asked what was the difference between these 2 addons - and why Carenado

specifies F1 for P3D and Reality for XP11 -

I didn't really get an answer as to why  - but I gleaned that there was little or no difference - and Reality was probably "the Better"

of the 2.

I now feel the time has come to introduce a little pizzazz into my flying  - (the P3D flight Planning is useless)

and since I only want the 750 - and Flight 1 insists on selling a package -750 with 650 - and I can only afford one


Yesterday I bought the 750 from  Realty web site for P3D V4


What surprised me - was that The purchase and payment and downloads were via some Flight 1 system and now I am puzzled by that relationship

Is the item the same i.e. flight1GTN 750 the exact same as the realty 750??  - and the same developer - selling thro Flight1 Shop??


Curioser and curioser

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Hello John,

with all due respect, these forums are for the discussion and support of Orbx products.

They are not for the discussion of the merits or otherwise of other developers' products,

regardless of whether they compete or not and certainly not comparisons.

If you want to discuss these things, please try an open forum such as the Avsim forum,

where you will attract a larger audience.

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