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The Balconies are the only way to get out these days

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The second part of my Victoria tour leads me from Warranambool...



... across an OZx highlight, Cobden, ...





... to Halls Gap. A very prominent entry point to the Grampian mountains.



Hard to spot: below us is (should be) the famous rock formation "The Balconies".



For a more intense exploration I landed at the nearby OZx airstrip and walked up the hill, but no screenies to prove.



Instead, I can only show you the return flight next day out of YGMP...



... crossing the Balconies again, ...



... also Halls Gap, ...



... before arriving back at Melbourne Tullamarine for another plane change.


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10 hours ago, adambar said:

Beautiful set of shots Gerold! :)

Thank you Adam!


8 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great shots Gerold.



Thanks Iain!


3 hours ago, schtroumf said:

Fantastic seriesB)

My pleasure these trips, my pleasure!


6 hours ago, Caluma65 said:

Very nice shots indeed Gerold.  Cheers,


Thanks for the comment, Calum!


4 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Very cool shots, nice when there's a plane change like that.

Thank you Jack. I always change planes from flight to flight. Unless I repeat commercial ones, in that case I try to follow reality.


7 hours ago, mikee said:

Very Nice Shots Gerold , well done !! :)

Could you please tell me where did you find these beautiful repaints ?

Thank you ,


Thanks Mikee. My basic source was aussiex... and I am sure I got the 337 livery from there. The 208 livery has been made by Jan Kees Blom - and you probably find them on avsim nowadays.

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