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answered Does Orbx central force an update from time to time??

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Hi all

  • I have been using Orbx products for almost 10 years on a PC that is not normal connected to the internet.
  • Recently with Chase Plane moving to Orbx central I transfers my chase plane to Orbx
  • To do this I need to move my PC to a new location as where I have it set up has no internet connection.
  • Recently (I think only chase Plane) stopped working.
  • I raised a support ticket withe // 42 and received the following this morning
    • Hi Bob, 

      ChasePlane/Orbx does check for licenses and requires a connection to the server every once in a while. You need to connect to the internet and update Orbx Central/ChasePlane for it to work again
  • I do not recall ever having to do this in the past 10 years for all other Orbx products.
  • For me this is a significant issue as due to COVID-19 NZ is in total lock down for a month.
  • I do not have the ability to purchase additional hard ware to enable easy internet connection

Can someone from Orbx confirm if this is indeed the case and provide any advise.


Thanks in advance if you can help.

Best wishes











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