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AMD 3900X verses I9 9900K

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19 hours ago, AnkH said:

Looks great, not really surprised that you have such great results with a 3900X, which is the CPU I would go for nowadays. What I really wonder is how you are below 6GB of VRAM in most scenarios with 4K and all sliders to the right. Is it due to very low shadow settings (you do not show them)? I am way above 8GB VRAM usage on some scenarios even without having all sliders to the right and just using 1440p as resolution.

AnkH Gosh you are observant. Never noticed that at all.

It is all so new, I haven't had chance to explore all. Hadn't even been to the Lighting page yet, so they are all default for the pics.


I've just gone from super lazy to super busy, so it may take a week or two to get results back to you (I think you like detail, right?).

Just quickly, I went to Lighting and ticked every box and maxed the 2 sliders above it. Flying in the Lakes District (not urban) i'm seeing 40 - 60 fps

But this is just 'quick and dirty' results. I'll do more later, and do urban, but right now, sorry AnkH it's just got to wait for a week or 2. I will get back here though, and hope I can help.

Oh yeah - maxed shadows etc with the previous maxed world and 50% aircraft did not seem to make much difference to cpu load - averaging 30 - 40 %


I'll be back, my friend, hopefully with all the answers you need.

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