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Are You ready for Global openLC Africa? Plane and skin suggestions

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Are You ready for trips over Global openLC Africa?


Topic for plane and skin suggestions - so uses / used in Africa or skin is in african style :) .

Idea of this topic is simply - I always prefer to use registration or skin used in this Country where I'm.


Few suggestions from my side:


1/ Antonov/Mielec An-2 of ATSim, the plane was used in Africa and this skins also:






You can download it from ATSim webpage.






Default skin.


2/ Pilatus PC-6 Porter of Milviz, plane = yes, skin = as I know not but it fits very well here also:






Default skin.


3/ MH-1521 Broussard of ATSim, plane = yes, skin = yes






Default skin.




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I’ve done an Ethiopian livery for the DC-6, with another in the works.  Jankees has a TMA one.  The B377 Strat has a Ghana livery.  There is a livery for the Casablanca Lockheed twin, two passengers bound for Spain, papers in order... :ph34r:  The Connie has liveries for those who at least transitted Africa.  Obviously, the big airline boys are well covered... 



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Milviz PC-6 for sure. Took first flight in Mauritania last night with the Carenado Short S330 actually. Somehow fits in africa, rugged transport aircraft. Also the Dornier 228 would fit I think.

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