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hi Chaps, 

hope someone can answer or shed some light on this issue i noticed today ?

Just taxing around Compton Abbas and i notice a few of the people are not sitting correctly on benches and just sort of floating on thin air #

has anyone seen this ? or can you advise what the fix is to correct this ?

I did have the elevation issue which i have corrected already, but wasn't sure how to remedy this issue ?

See the picture Circled in Red you can see the issue 

any help would be appreciated

many thanks



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21 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


it seems to be doing better than in FSX.




I'll ask.



yea thats odd, I am sure it was fine before , I did check a few of the other small airfields but they seem ok Nick.

if you do find anything i would be interested to see whats causing this issue 

Thanks ever so much for coming back though mate :) 

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