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CAC8 Nanaimo Natuical Dawn Cruise part 2

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10 hours ago, kennethjkerr said:

Where can we get the boat? What a beauty.

Right here...the freeware is for FSX and FS2004, BUT...if you play around with the wake files as I did, you can get what you see to work. Also, you need to download the PATCH file that allows the yacht to go 22 knots, otherwise it will only cruise upto 12 knots.

One more thing...to get it to run, you also need A2A  Accu-Feel,  whereby you can set the water drag to '0'...otherwise,  the boat will hardly move in P3D v.x.x  If you have Accu-Feel, once you have the boat upon the water, go into the Accu-Feel menus, and un-check everything but water...and move the top slide (water drag) to zero...and press save.  That's it...and enjoy!  Oh...the boat is the GTX2 at the top left of their home page.  Again, make sure to download the speed patch, and apply it.

Be warned, reader...you will be as hooked upon the water...as you'd be flying over it...LOL!   Trust me....

Post Edit:  CTRL-E starts both engines,  and SHIFT-E opens the back glass doors into the yacht's common room.  Your guests can play pool,  or sit by the bar, and watch you play pool...it must be nice, to be able to own and run one of these in RL!    For rudder control, you use your rudder axis of your joystick...and your throttle control/paddle for the engine's throttles.  Finally, to get the great back shot of the lounge deck, you go to P3D's  VIEWS,  go to AIRCRAFT, and then you will have three different camera views.  Use the keyboard 'L' key for navigation and yacht running lights.


ENJOY, Matey's, and post some of your coming voyages within Orbx's PNW, and Alaska!!!




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On 3/19/2020 at 10:22 AM, bvdboomen said:

Wonderful evening shots. Nice use of the simulator possibilities.

I haven't flown for days, lol!   I'm having a blast,  discovering in such a relaxing mind-set...up there upon the Flying Bridge,  all the wonderful 'Easter Eggs',  Orbx PNW and Fiords, and Alaska have to offer.  Their Alaska dedicated areas are gorgeous when passing by upon the open water...and if you have the freeware; Misty Moorings...you can visit each and every bay, and/or seaport.  What simply...a blast this is!  Then...the beauty of it all, if you want...switch out your yacht for an seaplane...and then take a flight!  The best of both worlds...for truly, 3PD and FSX are world simulators...not merely 'flight' simulators.

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