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Activating Advanced Features disabled (Smooth Zoom & Static Cameras)


Hi Keven and //42 team


Had Chaseplane working nicely when installed under OldProp where originally purchased this software. Had smooth panning transitions between various viewpoints using Quadratic and speeds set between various views.


However now after completing a full upgrade of my PC with new SSD drives and re-installed P3D on one of them and on installing Chaseplane through VFX Central saw that this is now under Orbx and //42. Followed the instructions to transfer the license across without any issues indicated.  

After installing numerous Orbx sceneries and Chaseplane on starting up P3Dv4 kept getting the following error shown below on startup.




My viewpoints (camera presets) were also gone, but fortunately had documented the settings for them and various transition settings which have been now been recreated.

However the transitions simply do not work but snap between each view as this feature has been disabled and is somewhat annoying.


Looking through various other posts this clearly is not an isolated issue but experienced by many others.


Hopefully this problem can be sorted out sooner than later


Regards Ross

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Hi Keven Orbx instructions say not to submit a ticket for technical support but use the forums but finally after trying to find the order number saw the create ticket in the //42 section under the product in list of purchases so have now submitted a ticket re this issue.



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