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Chaseplane VC preset transition & panning smoothness tips?


First off I'll mention that I've only just got round to migrating from the previous VFXCentral tool, to the new approach incorporating into Orbx Central. That seems to have gone fine, so nice one.

What I am trying to resolve is issues with smoothness in the VC (noting I use PMDG original 737, plus 777 and 747 predominantly) I'm sure VC movement has been smoother than I've experienced of late, and I'm on a full P3D v4.5 set of components here. For now I've ditched using an XBox controller, just to keep it simple, and would use either the CP UI to select a preset, or for certain presets, use the hot corners feature.  What I am experiencing, moreso once airborne than on the ground, is a loss of a) preset transition smoothness and b) reduced panning smoothness when using stick buttons.

There's no total breakup or nastiness like screen tearing, but at its worst the transition is quite juddery, and very unsmooth compared to the performance on the ground.
I've hunted through P3D controls to ensure no conflicts there (incidentally I'm using Logitech X56 HOTAS) and that seems ok.


The next thing I was considering was to backup and delete Cameras.cfg, as I hear that can be of help with certain VC cam issues. However I wanted to check to see if there were any known pitfalls of that, or indeed whether it can help at all - and also mindful that the approach to CP install and config has changed a little with the move to Parallel42/Orbx.

And just to mention CPU/GPU are not being hit hard so I'm not sure any work needed there, and I am using Process Lasso for P3D.

Any thoughts/experiences/obvious oversights appreciated, particularly regarding deletion of Cameras.cfg...good/bad idea?


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