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answered moving ORBX to secondary hard drive

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I'm running out of drive space on my primary hard drive and am looking for tips to alleviate this problem, one thought is installing a secondary hard drive and have it run parallel to my primary hard drive, how can I accomplish this, I don't arbitrarily want to  move the ORBX folder and expect everything to work flawlessly.

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Nick, thanks for the quick response, if I could impose upon you for a few follow up questions; A) I'm using FSX:SE does this change anything, B) the ORBX folder that I'll create  is it just a file folder sitting on the drive with no root structure (kind of like a folder sitting on the  desktop C) speed won't be an issue I have an SSHD in my machine so will go with that if I elect to go the route that you propose

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A. FSX-SE is ideally suited to this solution.

B. You should copy the entire FSX\ORBX folder to your secondary drive, along with all its contents

and leaving the entire file structure intact, or this will not work.

You  should then delete the original FSX\ORBX folder and replace it with a symbolic link to the folder on

your secondary drive.

C. The files will be accessed at the speed of the drive that they are on, regardless of the speed of

the drive where FSX is installed. This will possibly make the initial loading time a little longer, if the

primary drive is an SSD, but will have no effect on the performance of FSX once it is running.



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