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20 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

An excellent sequence from an always sunny Melbourne.:unsure::rolleyes::wacko::lol:

Thanks Martyn.


20 hours ago, adambar said:

Some good looking shots there. :)

Thanks adambar.


15 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great set of shots.



Thanks Iain.


13 hours ago, Taph said:

Nice set

Thanks Taph.


10 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Couldn't be more perfect!

Thanks Jack.


8 hours ago, bvdboomen said:

Very vibrant! Do you post process or is this in-sim?

Thanks bvdboomen. Yes I do some small tweaks in post process.


5 hours ago, M110A2 said:

Wow, these are very bright and vibrant. Great Set!

Thanks Vince.


5 hours ago, wain71 said:

lovely shots........very clear..

Thanks wain71.


4 hours ago, mikee said:

Beautiful Shots :)

Thanks mikee.

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