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Just as a short intro....(tldr scroll down to "The problem")

Im very pleased with my P3D since the last 15 months or something. Everything is running smoothly, good fps, very crisp terrain, no ctds and overll a pleasant experience. That doesnt mean though that i dont know how to fix problems when they occure because i give support, regualry, in a community with couple of hundred ppl. Until this day we could fix nearly every problem.

And every here and then im running into a problem myself and if that happens its most of the time something that noone else has and noone is able to support.... Like last year my weird scenery order problem that ive posted here too. Ive got that fixed with LorbySi dev and the tool from him eventually.


And now again this time has come. And like always over night basically.


Ive made around 4k hours in our VA over the last 2 years, im a tweaker, a support guy and somehat technicaly experienced when it comes to P3D so i pretty much know how my sim behaves and see very early if something isnt right. This problem tunred up overnight, all was fine until one day around 1.5 week ago.
Now all that brabbling aside, lets come to the problem finally. (sorry, i just wantt o make you understand that i have tried many many things already until i make a post about a problem).


The problem


My autogen loads very late in the whole EU region. If i fly an airliner (ex pmdg 748) i see it gone after 10 minutes and its not to be seen again until the descent, around 10k feet it starts to load again. This is very unusualy for my sim, as mentinoned, and ive basically never seen it in this form.


Its NOT the "normal" type of problem, like too high settings, running with unlocked fps with high settings, wrong layer order, pc problems, file problems and whatnot.  Like mentioned, it comes back at 10k feet but in a too small radius and most often even behind me. It literally loads behind my plane. If it would be casued by too high settings or something alike it wouldnt show up aymore until scenery reload.


Also it seems to only happen in EU. NA and SA is unchanged. If its a tiny bit later i cant tell but i still see the autogen even on FL380 and it never disappears. What i also noticed is that unlike noamlly, when other symptoms that come with this problem are blurries, low detail mesh/elevations are appearing together with the late autogen this time it all stays normal.
The sim is still same crisp as always and the elevation loads as always too. FPS are great too and anyway i use this settings since 4.4 release, they are always the same.

Besides that i know how to set the sim to not overload the cpu.


So it seems very unusual. No blurries, detailed elevation, good fps (i lock at 30 and the lock is reached nearly everywhere in the world, in the VC of airliners. It rarely goes to below 30) but no autogen visible over FL100.


Now things ive tried already:


- shader reset/reload (even this shouldnt have anything to do with it anyway)

- migration / lclookup

- check scenery order, all good. 

- delete scenery indexes

- lowered the settings (even i know they have nothing to do with it since they are unchanged)

- free core 0 from all other load besides p3d itself

- deleted last installed airports (PILOTS LEST and PILOTS LEAL) incase they could have messed something up

- only started with EU active

- check files on openLC EU and Global

- reset and check insertion point

- try other planes

- rebuild p3d.cfg

- and probably a few other things.....without luck


The problem remains regardless what i do. Ive never seen this. Normally when i come across this in support Its either everywhere in the world or nowhere. But EU only is so weird and i dont know what else i should do.


What i changed in the times before the problem came up first:


- install PILOTS LEST and LEAL

- install PMDG 737 update

- changed cloudarts via Skyforce

. switch from FTX central to ORBX central

- windows updates (....)


My setup is as following:


- Nvidia RTX 2080

- Intel 7700K on 4.7 ghz

- 60hz monitor with lock of 30 fps

- fullHD

- 16GB Ram

- SSD install of win & p3d + orbx files

- win 10 1909

- cpuload around 50%, nothing maxed (looking in various tools, not only taskmanager)

- gpu load around 50% too

- p3d 4.5 hf2


ORBX installs_


- openLC EU, NA, SA (+ SA mesh)


- couple of airports like ESGG, LOWI, LDPL, ESSA, LDDU, PAVD

- KPDX city scape


+ around 60 airports installed.



Does anyone have an idea what in all names this can be?


Settings untouched, last installed software deinstalled, checked everything, filecheck of mentioned areas, shader reset and still i loose autogen after 10 mins in EU.


Ill post a screen of my settings but they arent too high.... THey are around medium overall and never caused an issue. They also work still same well in NA, SA and Asia.

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And now pics from the last flight just done now.


Start, all good




TOD after 15 mins. All autogen gone, trees and buildings.




When i look behind me there are a few buildings




But infront and on sides all is gone




Then, around 10k they slowly start to come back




To eventually be somewhat normal again. At least on first sight.








When looking in front only a tiny area is there and slowly pops in in groups.






On direct approach all seems fine. But probably only because one cant look far.


That is a behviour inve not seen the last 2 years (in my own sim). And if i saw it i knew where it relates from.



Now 2 pics from US and SA will follow.


FL 360 openLC NA


While it looks a bit more blurry than before the autogen is still there.





openLC SA, SAEZ area


Its not a big area to be seen in this pic but the autogen went a lot further before the plane. Looks pretty much normal




It looks as only EU is hit by the full problem. The other areas may have become a bit more blurry and autogen maybe a small bit less in radius but one has to know the sim well to see it.


In the EU on the other hand its more than obvious. But overall it looks that the buildings a re small than im used to. Maybe imagination but on a few pics one can see this here too. They seem to look a bit smaller when they are more away. I mean of course this is normal to some extend.




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