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I have just downloaded the latest version. WOW, so  much  work was put into it. I had quick look at the Google Earth map  to locate  some of those  updates.  My eyes  stopped wandering  over the map , when I spotted  YLOR.  (Lorraine)  This  brought immediately  back old memories from the  early 70s . My wife  and  I are both originated  from the Alsace/Lorraine regions in France . So we were curious to know what where those  two lonely station  got their name from ( Alsace station is adjacent to Lorraine station)  We stopped  at a Station  north from Cluncurry asking  for some directions , only to be told there  is nothing up there,  only an disused out-station . The hospitality of the  farmer was legendary. If  we insisted , we  could go up , for a day outing  and  have a barbecue. They  gave us  directions, some  salted  beef , water and up we go. Lorraine here  we come or bust!. The track  , if  we could could call that a track  was bumpy, but our 4x4 managed.  The country  was dry  , rocky, and  only  few trees  not higher than 8 feet, here and then , and for wildlife,  a lot  of flies. 

Lorraine  had just  a small shed  with  corrugated iron and red dust everywhere. No air strip. The river bed  was dry  with slightly better vegetation on the edge Some how  we  were disappointing, but we thrilled  by the spectacle that grandiose country had to offer 

50 Years later ORBX give us  a  chance  to rediscover this isolated   country. A quick search on Google earth , revealed that Lorraine  has  been revived . The Out Station it once was  has now several buildings at the North end of the strip near the  river creek  How time changes....

Thank you ORBX  for   bringing those memories back and  less trees for Lorraine  would have  been perfect 


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