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Precipit FX




Hi I am trying to transfer Precipit FX into ORBX . I have uninstalled Oldprop products and deleted VFX CentraI ;  I can see it in ORBX Utilities , if I try and open it in ORBX central I get the following message:- `Yu`ll need a new app to open this ORBX link . Which I cannot get ;    If I try and download via ORBX central , I get the same message .

If I try a manual download I get the message  `This product does not have a full build download available `   

Some where in my attempts to sort this out I have also had this message ,    `OldProp products were added to your account. PrecipitFX could not be added as you already own it. `  

As you can see I am thoroughly mixed up,  and expect some where along the line that it will be my own fault,  but I have really tried  .

Need help 


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Hi Ben , Thank you for the response , I have now managed to install Precipit FX thank you .

It seems my problems were caused by ;   I wasn't using latest version of Orbx central , also I have all my Flight Sim stuff on a separate hard drive not the C drive, which meant that I needed to change some things manually .



Regards Gollum

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