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I hope to buy a new comp maybe later this year. The specs i'm hoping for will be an Intel i7 9700K with a Pallit 2080 super graphics card. My question is does it matter what speed my memory is. It will be DDR4 and I was thinking of the basic 2666 memory or should I get some faster memory. This will cost me about £1300. So do not whant to spend to much more. Thanks Derek.

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That memory and speed will be just fine!  Any memory at a faster speed will only be noticeable in benchmark testing, and not in real world gaming results. ;-)

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I put that in question: there are reports that show how much a software can benefit from faster RAM mostly in CPU-bound scenarios. And surprise, in P3D you are CPU-bound in 99% of the scenarios. So I would definitively go for faster RAM, 3200MHz CL14 is a good compromise between speed and cost.

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