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Would the major airports mentioned here be a significant improvement over the P3Dv4 airports terminals, runways, taxiways, etc? I am especially interested in the terminals being more representative of the real buildings.




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EU England is a fairly old programme -originally 2012 with 6 upgrades -  but is significantly better than basic P3D.

but it only covers England - not Wales or Scotland - you would have to purchase all 3 to get the coverage of the TE Britain Package


To do this -  you will be paying around the same $ amount as the full TE Britain Package - which is so much better

- especially in the included airports - and scenery, - but if you want full designed airports you will still have to go payware


Note that EU England does go to the border with Scotland - Whereas - Britain TE South only rises as far as the approx.  midlands

A good read - in Orbx Central - of what is on offer - will pay dividends. It is not clear as to whether one needs Orbx Global or not.



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to address the question, the airports are all given a "makeover" which results in them better representing

the real life layout.

While they do use Orbx Library objects, they do not use bespoke textures and will not therefore fulfill

what I believe to be your requirement.

This one image of EGLC, taken from an image that can be seen on the product page is typical.




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