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I am having some real problems. (No change there then). I have a reasonably good computer set up. Plenty of power. So I have a lot of scenery and aircraft and ancillary programs for weather and shaders etc.

I have had a lot of problems with auto gen scenery dropping out across the board which has on a number of occasions led to me completely removing and reinstalling the who shebang! This normally takes about 30 hours of work. (Gets right on my Manley boobs)


I use Lorby-si to manage my add-ons and in the below list I have taken a snap shot of the scenery Cfg. file for would be helpers to have a look at.

I use much of Orbx scenery and have used the auto configuration for airport elevations in the LC settings. All of the scenery has been moved to the scenery Cfg. file ??? but not sure if this is the way to go?


So I am having problems with scenery either missing from the simulator completely or simply having issues with elevation at or along runway length and apron length. Also scenery swithing the airfield scenery pack just missing or buried beneath undulating land mass


Can anyone with knowledge and understanding have a look at the attached file and shed some light upon my furrowed brow?






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Hi Darren


Probably a good idea to post this to the P3Dv4 Support Forum situated further down. This one is a discussion forum and is not the right spot for support questions.





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it seems that we have missed this so far, apologies.


There are some errors in your scenery library, specifically

1. the Vector entries  are in the wrong order

2. you have no Default Terrain entry at position number 1.

3. you have three entries for the TEGB Libraries

4.you have Traffic Global entries above all your Orbx products




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