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active GB South II London : how to max out a 7940x ....

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Bear in mind  that I have a 2 monitor NVSurround setup.

When flying over London and approaching the area Big Ben / Parlement / London Eye the terrain cores are all maxed out to 100%.

( AS EGLL in the far distance )


LOD : medium

SC : very dense ( dense= loosing most inner city buildings )

AG : dense

Shadows : low / medium

Weather : 90 mls / fear weather

25 hertz / Unlimited .. 


7940x ( 8 cores assigned to P3Dv4 ) / 18.25 mb cache

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxym2l1a4zuudrt/Foto 29-12-2019 12 28 25.jpg?dl=0


The 2080Ti is having a relaxed time however

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xlhppwyk9gtvlyo/Foto 29-12-2019 12 28 29 (1).jpg?dl=0


So this part of TE GB is maxing the cpu out to maximum throughput..

It then show some small stutters and continues to be smooth.


You guys have created to best looking scenery but it reaches the borders of the hardware.


Have a healthy and happy 2020 :)


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