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resolved KTVL and KMRY Elevation Issues

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Hi I recently purchased KMRY and TVL plus NCA in the sale.  

I did a flight today from between these airports and noticed a number of elevation issues.  First KMRY taxiing for RW28L there were taxiway lights floating on my RHS but not the left - any ideas?

I had more severe ground height issues at KTVL however.  Larger plateaus and dips in the taxiway surface near the main terminal.  

As mentioned I have NCA installed but don't use vector.  

I did a quick search for KTVL files in my Orbx folder and notice there are active ones in the NCA folder. 

Should this be the case if I have KTVL payware installed?  Shouldn't these files be in my NCA folder be inactive?

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HiYa Bluemarlin,


Don't know if this will help?

If you have Vector installed go to the Orbx/FTX_VECTOR/ FTX _VECTOR_Apt file and look for airports with these issues and rename them to off.

It worked for me for a couple of airports that vector didn't fix.

Please inform us of your results!


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