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When looking at beautiful long legs can be trouble

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There is none finer sight than long slender legs.:wub:


This lady has the finest .






But there are tines and places when you should not make your ogling too obvious!:o



Especially when the legs are on the point of taking to the air at over 100kts!:ph34r::o:lol:

Does anyone else get vehicular traffic meandering on the runway at the worst moments?

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16 hours ago, BradB said:

What legs Martyn ...... I'm more a "what's up front" kind of guy SO ....... I was admiring those big beautiful spinning props . :rolleyes:B):D:lol:

That reminds me of reading about the Lockheed Ventura that was fitted with two R3500s as a test bed for the Constellation's engines.

It had two names, The Ventellation or The Sweater Girl!:)


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