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active ORBX insertion point

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Hi there,

Hoping someone can provide some guidance on this - I can see there are a number of posts about scenery ordering and layers around, but a lot of conflicting information and I'm confused. I had to download and install the new ORBX Central when I bought EGPH recently, and somehow during that process, ORBX Central has automatically moved all of my ORBX scenery up to the top of the scenery library, above my other third party scenery. This has resulted in all sorts of problems in the sim. I am now assuming I need to set an 'insertion point' below all my third party scenery, is that correct?


Why has this happened, and why was it necessary for ORBX Central to re-order my scenery library when everything was working fine? I now have all this hassle trying to work out where everything should go in order to display properly, which is quite frustrating. 


If someone could advise, I'd be really grateful.


I'm using P3D v4.5 SP2, and have FTX Global, several of the EU regions, and several ORBX airports installed. I'm assuming Global sits at the bottom, followed by regions above, and then airports at the top. But where does this need to go amongst all my other scenery (default and third party addons)?


If someone could please clarify, that would be greatly appreciated,


Kind regards,



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