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Hi there,

Hope you don't mind but I wanted to leave a bit of feedback that I hope might be helpful. I've used ORBX's products for many years and they are always superb. What causes me hesitation is that you don't provide enough information on the product pages about how your products work together, and how they work with other dev's sceneries. Two examples of this for me are as follows:


1. The various layers of products you have, which I find very confusing. For example, I have FTX Global and EU England. I'm now considering purchasing True Earth GB South, but I'm confused. Are all three of these sceneries all sitting on top of each other, duplicating each other? And if I buy GB South, does that include any airport scenery that I have to deactivate so it won't interfere with my existing airports? It would be really helpful if you could explain this better in the product pages.

2. Cityscene and airport scenery. I am considering City Scene Barcelona, but am confused as to which airport scenery it will work with. I appreciate it won't work with LatinVFR's version of LEBL, but why is that? And which scenery will it work with? And which files need to be deleted/deactivated? Again, it would help a great deal if you could put a brief statement on the product page about which airport scenery is compatible, and whether there is anything you need to delete/deactivate in each case.


I can't speak for others obviously, but I personally would probably spend more money on your website if I understood exactly how to use your sceneries together, or with other developer's scenery.

Hope the above will be helpful, and thank you for all the great scenery! 


Kind regards,



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Hello!  If you've been using Orbx products "for many years", surely you know there is a Compatibility Forum that will answer your questions about City Scene Barcelona, not to mention questions regarding compatibility of Orbx products/regions with 3rd party developers' airports?





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I've been using their scenery for years, yes - but not the forums! My bad. I will take a look at the compatibility forum, thank you. My point however was I shouldn't have to dig around in the forums to get this info, it would be helpful to have a summary of it at least on the product page. 


Appreciate the heads up though, cheers.

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1. as I am sure you already know,  all FSX and P3D scenery consists of mesh,

vector, landclass or photo scenery, points of interest and airports.


All of the regions are self sufficient, including all of the above elements and excluding 

all of the pre-existing default elements, so that only the region is seen.


As to England:


a) Global Base provides only replacement textures for the whole world.


b) EU England adds all the elements above to all of England.

You will see a great enhancement compared to Global Base.


c) True Earth Great Britain South adds photo scenery.

You will see no landclass, but photo scenery instead.

It does not cover all of England.


2. If you choose to install two addon products for the same place, from different developers,

there will almost always be compromises to be made.

As Stewart points out, there is a forum specifically to help with this task.

I do not think that it would really be realistic to expect a commercial developer to include

a list of competitors products on a product page.


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Hi Nick, thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my enquiry, which is appreciated. With point 2, I think you may have misunderstood what I was asking there. Of course I would not wish to install two directly competing products for the same location, that would not make sense. Nor would I expect you to list directly competing products in your product description.


I was talking specifically about adding detailed airport scenery to complement the city scene products, specifically Barcelona in this case. I own LatinVFR Barcelona which I can see is bad news in this case, as apparently your city scenery isn't compatible with it. There are two other versions of LEBL from different developers, and I was suggesting it would be helpful to be able to see on the product page which of these it would work well with it. I think you would agree that if someone buys a cityscene product, it is very likely they are going to want to pair it with a good quality addon scenery for airports in the vicinity; that's a reasonable thing to do, so I felt it would be helpful to provide a bit of information about which products would work well with it. Apologies if I didn't explain this too well.


Thank you again for your response though, it was very helpful.


Kind regards,


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