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resolved Taxiway blocked at EGPH

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With regard to the AFCAD, there seems to be a blockage to Taxiway Alpha when AI traffic are taxiing to the gate.


Landing on Rwy 06 and turning off at end of the runway and proceeding on Taxiway Alpha, the UTL traffic while taxiing pass taxiway Papa to their left and before reaching the taxiway Mike, ATC instruct the traffic to STOP as there is conflict with other traffic on the taxiway Alpha DESPITE there being NO other traffic in sight.


I observed this over a 40 minute period and every UTL traffic aircraft is stopped on A between P and M and then because they have not been instructed to proceed, they just disappear.!!


I then reinstalled my UK 2000 Edinburgh and sat at same point and observed that all AI traffic passed by with no problem. There has to be some hidden object  on the AFCAD near to the taxiway to stop all traffic.


Just another item for the developers to look at on top of all the other preceding posts.





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