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active Strange artifacts on the ground.

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Good evening. I have orbx global sceneries and absolutely love it however there are these black squares on the ground that seem to randomly appear as I am flying.  Could you tell me how to get rid of them.  I did quite a bit of google searches and couldn't find anything resembling this problem.  Thank you for your help. 

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1 hour ago, Doug Sawatzky said:



Also ensure  your Orbx Libraries are installed in the simulator ORBX folder and not in a library separate from the simulator.

Hi Doug.  just orbx libraries not the Base pack, Buildings, Vector trees, and LC. Those can remain in the library on the separate drive correct?  

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For now, for those users that are experiencing these issues, all the Global products should be installed into the simulator folder, the majority of the other Orbx products such as airports and regions can be installed via the .xml method into a library outside of the simulator, using the Orbx Central create a library function.

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Hi Doug,

I also have noticed that occasionally I am seeing black textures in my scenery, most recently in Australia V2. I have verified the files, etc.

Forgive me, just confirming what you said about the placement of Orbx Libraries: Also ensure  your Orbx Libraries are installed in the simulator ORBX folder and not in a library separate from the simulator.

Seems I may have got this wrong.

I have P3D V4.5 installed on my D Drive. When I installed Orbx Central, (on the SAME drive as my P3D) I created a Main Library and called it D:\Orbx Library. Inside that folder I have D:\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow. Not correct?

Most of my Orbx airports and scenery are installed inside the main P3D folder. YBCS was installed using the .xml method and is working correctly. I have not really encounted any other issues since changing over to Orbx Central, except what I have mentioned above.




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please don't be distracted by the occasional black texture in Australia v2,

it is a known problem and not connected to black textures elsewhere.

If objectflow is the only product in that library, then all the other products

that you own must be in the simulator root folder.

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If I may ask, what has suddenly prompted the advice to install all Global products into the simulator root folder, other than the fact that some folks are having black texture problems?  I have no such problems, but all Orbx products I have are installed on a separate drive from the sim (P3D), with the exception of Global Base and Vector  Formerly, the advice was to install only the Global Base pack, but that advice now includes the Land Class products, etc., as well.

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Hello Stewart,


it's a case of what works for you.

There are not so many who find that they cannot make the OLC products

work except when they are within the simulator but if they find that installing

them inside the simulator works for them, then it is a valid solution for them.


In short, if you installation is working to your satisfaction, then there is no

need to change it.

If someone else's is not then there is a need.


A part of the reason is the vast numbers of possible combinations of hardware and chosen

installation locations.

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I'm not sure how hardware would affect this problem, when a change in install location solves the problem.  Certainly, however, software and installation of same, and even the simulator version (in the case of P3D), or the operating system--Win7 or Win10, could be sources of the problem.  Thanks, as ever, for your insights.

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