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Scott Harmes

Larry Robinson's Pilotable Boats

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19 hours ago, Benny said:

Thanks Scott, I can't find the first 2 boat?


Hey Ben,


The first two come with two of Larry's freeware SPBs.


The first one comes with YRC, Refuge Cove SPB.


The second one comes with CAE3, Campbell River SPB.


They should be installed automatically when the scenery is installed, and they will be selectable from your normal P3D aircraft selection screen.  The easiest way to find them if you have a lot of aircraft is to search by the group "Publisher" and type "ORBX" in the search bar.

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Thanks for mentioning the pilotable boats Steve. They began more or less as an afterthought and were placed in an Extras folder should some be interested. There are three of them: the Angelfish (CAG8), a harbour tug (YRC), and the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship (CAE3). There will be another one to go along with my next project.  

The three SPBs were published before the advent of Orbx Central which features the option to install as an xml add-on in a location of your choice.  Now that this is possible, and due to the internal workings of Orbx Central there are a couple of unanticipated results.  

The idea had been to keep the installation simple and optional.  The Guides for the boats instructed those who might want to try them to copy the FTX_AA_[product name]\Extras\[name of boat] folder to their SimObjects\Airplanes folder in the sim.  (This method still works if necessary.)

If you use Orbx Central and the xml add-on method to install:

When using the xml add-on method with OC, it turns out that the Angelfish and the harbour tug will be automatically enabled when you install the SPB.  You should find the boats in your list of aircraft.  Although that’s not what was originally intended, perhaps it’s a good thing. The Norwegian Pearl is not currently enable automatically but it’s set up to be an independent xml add-on and one way to install it is covered in the guide, located in the [your chosen install location]\  ORBX\FTX_AA_CAE3\Extras\ Norwegian_Pearl_Add-on folder.

I’ll have to consult with the powers that be to see if anything specific needs to be done about these ‘extras’ at this point.  

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