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Oh no, I do not want to go into music here. I just want to continue our tour through the northern surroundings of Cairns...

... which was paused yesterday just after Mossman. Shortly after we reached Daintree River, ...



... where swimming is not totally recommended.



Then we just crossed a little pass towards the Daintree Discovery Center https://www.discoverthedaintree.com/ 



The views of the rainforest are impressive, unfortunately you cannot hear the birds flying in this picture. NatureFlow at its best!



Well, there is also some other NatureFlow here...






They say you are lucky if you spot a Cassowary in wildlife https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_cassowary: "At the Daintree Discovery Centre you may be lucky enough to see one of these amazing birds wandering along the creek, foraging for fallen fruit. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!"". We even saw two of them during the day.



Now back into the air. Do you see the hairpin corner just under the Bonanza? That is Alexandra Lookout.



Worth a little stop, me thinks....



... before we returned over Daintree River. Unfortunately the ferry is not shown in our AU scenery (yet...).





Shortly after we were passing the settlements of Palm Cove...



... and Trinity Beach on the way back to the pubs of Cairns.


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1 hour ago, Iain Emms said:

Great post this Gerold.



Thank you for commenting, Iain!


24 minutes ago, bernd1151 said:

Superb screenies, Gerold !!

I simply love to get around and take evidence, Bernd...!


1 hour ago, RodgerC said:

Excellent set of shots!!!

Thank you Rodger!


41 minutes ago, VH-KDK said:

One place you definitely didn't want to get out of Gerold.

So much beautiful scenery and the rare sight of the Cassowary, I hope your mind wasn't over burdoned by all of this!:lol:

I definetely did not want to get out of the car at the banks of the river ... :D

You got our feelings right, Martyn - we were just blown away by all these sightings. Good that my daughters stopped me from chasing the "worlds most dangerous bird"... :o

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19 hours ago, musterpilot said:

Great set of shots


Thank you John!


23 hours ago, adambar said:

Enjoyed your trip as always Gerold! :)

You can imagine how I enjoyed the trip. Two times!


20 hours ago, BradB said:

Enjoying the trip Gerold , great shots real and sim !! .

Thank you John. I hope the relation between both picture sources was better this time.


20 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Great post Gerold enjoyed the shots and photos.  About as close to Australia as I will ever get.

Thanks John! Come on, just 2 flights and a few hours for you!


21 hours ago, TerribleT said:

Just enjoying all these posts so much mate - don't get too close to the wild adult cassowary - they can disembowel you in a flash!

Thank you TT. The bird was moving so slow and calm, but my family stopped me from getting closer. Maybe a good decision...


19 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Very cool Gerold!  I'll bet money that yellow snake was highly toxic. :blink:

Indeed the colour looks like a warning sign. But you never know, sometimes they are only survive because all potential offenders THINK they are poisonous. We gave her no chance to prove...

It could have been a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morelia_spilota_cheynei (Jungle python)? If so she would be non-toxic. But I would not try.

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