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About TrueEarth Northern California HD, I hesitate to buy this product in SD, because it seems that I will not be able to benefit from a price of update as it is possible with Oregon. If you notice my account (picture attached,no big special price for upgrade in Washington HD), you will see that I enjoy a great price for Oregon HD if I come to eventually change my SSD for a bigger one. But unfortunately I do not benefit from this special price with TrueEarth Washington HD, because I bought this one in SD for lack of space. So I'm afraid this is the same for California HD. Note that at the time of my purchase from Washington SD, it was stipulated that I would have a great price if eventually I go later in HD. So here I only want to check why I had this benefit only with Oregon.  Having known in advance, I would not have bought Washington SD, and I would have waited for the purchase for Washington HD after the purchase of a larger SSD.  Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.


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there is something wrong with the system at the moment.

You are supposed to be able to "upgrade" to the HD version from the SD version for all three products,

as explained in this and the other release announcements.


I will ask for this to be looked into.

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After mentioning this, I went to see in ORBX Central and the price was ok (special), but I do not buy via ORBX Central.  And seeing that I went back to my account and everything became okay again.  The special price of upgrade to Washington HD is the same as that of The Oregon HD.  Thank you! 

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