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When we came to Alice Springs airport the morning after our city tour ...

... we did not expect anything uncommon.



In contrast to ActiveSky, which knew what would be coming.



The footwalk to the apron already indicated something...



... and if we would have been routined, we´d have guessed as well.



When we were allowed to go out of the terminal for boarding, a veritable sand storm had started (not tasting well).










And now the pants of the pilot got tested.





At least mine: On the speedtape you can see that it might already be time to rotate...



... did it. Not too early...



OK, the real pilot did it better.



Approaching Ayers Rock airport the weather had cleared up.





Deboarding for a short tank stop.



To be continued. Even though I don´t have a 717 in my virtual hangar.


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5 hours ago, BradB said:

That must have been fascinating the "Haboob" striking while you were at the airport . Here is a freeware 717 for you Gerold : https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/55/748

Downloaded as we wrote... thank you for the comment and the link, John!


1 hour ago, adambar said:

Soom really cool shots Gerold! :)

Thanks Adam!


41 minutes ago, lifejogger said:

I like  these shots Gerold!!!!!  Great job of interspersing the screenshots with real photos.

Thank you John. Sometimes it is really difficult to find comparable perspectives. The airport personnel won´t let you go... :D

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3 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

That was excellent Gerold.  I'm curious why they take off in a sand storm as the sand can literally sandblast the blades of an engine and take years of its life.

I thought the same, Jack. However the storm was short, basically just around our departure.

Surprising that ActiceSky got it so precisely (at my first virtual trial I had calculated the time zone incorrectly and the sky was clear).


2 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Another excellent instalment in your Red centre trip Gerold.

Just another one of the pleasures of outback travel.:)

Thanks for your comment, mate!

I call it "experiences". And yes, this was another experience on our outback list.


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