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Question: if objectflow.dll doesn't load, do OrbX textures, vectors, airports, etc. still load? My understanding is that objectflow.dll is for animations. Does not having objectflow disrupt all of OrbX or does it just prevent animations from showing? I don't mind missing out on the animations but I do want the static elements to be correct.


This new beta is exciting.

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Objectflow is not really about animation at all.

It is really to allow things to display at different times or seasons.

As example would be the taxiways and runways that show as snow covered in winter

or perhaps people at a picnic table that are only there on Saturdays and in summer.


Another example would be the ground textures at Orbx ESSA.

These are not animations at all, but the cause of the often reported lack of textures

is always that the customer does not have a working copy of Objectflow.

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