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Ah snow -- how I hate thee. Let me count the ways


2) drifts

3) melting

4) icy roads

5) shoveling sidewalks

6) shoveling driveways

7) Freezing fingers and other body parts:o8) 

8 ) Windchill

9) Dressing up the little ones in snowsuits , only to find out that NOW they have to go ...:rolleyes:

10) Did I say shoveling ...


Thanks for the memories TTM

An excellent capture :)




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15 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Love the snow, one thing XP should have incorporated.


but Jack, thankfully we actually have Orbx in P3D with seasons we love...


your USA always looks resplendent with appropriate snow (particularly good with Active Sky snow flurries) & Germany............. & Innsbruck.............


5 hours ago, TigerTigerM said:

This time on its way North out of Billings, Montana.


top shot, TTM - you captured the ambience of the season very well!

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