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David Lawrence

shoreham XPlane VR Cyclic Control, Rubber Bands, Toilet Roll. Getting it all lined up in VR

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XPlane VR Cyclic Control, Rubber Bands, Toilet Roll. Getting it all lined up in VR. Wonky's Blog! 74.


After the blast of the opening credits you will have to turn the sound up. Watch out for volume increase at the end, It might give you a heart attack.


Probably my most embarrassing video to date!. First part shows the development of my VR Cyclic Controller and in true "Blue Peter" fashion, Rubber bands , plumbers fittings and a toilet roll. For those not in the UK ,Blue Peter was a children's program famous for making toys using things found in the kitchen. I had to make the first part of this video with a webcam, sorry for the sound quality.


Part two starting at 8 Mins 50 seconds is how to align the controller in VR and make everything appear in the right place inside your VR experience ie. joystick and VR controller linked and moving the cyclic as if you are inside with everything lined up. If you know a easy way to do this let me know in the comments. I had a few problems with a Oculus download so had to repeat a few bits in this section. This part also shows how good the VR cyclic is over my standard X52 for hovering and precise flight as proven by using Joe Kipfer's hover test program.


You can find in the info settings on you tube.


I think the experiment has proven its worth proceeding with the VR cyclic minus the toilet roll. But, I will have to think about extending my X52 Joystick to the same 20" extension for my main controller system.


It's been great fun testing and trying to come up with ideas without access to a workshop.


I always mention my shaky hand and head to promote the dystonia condition and information can be found in the info.


Thanks for taking the time to read and watch the video.


Things I am sorry about!


Sound quality on the webcam at the start.


Didn't know the Rift S picked up breathing so well.


Still moving my head left and right all the time.


Duplicating some of the wording on the second part as I had a Oculus update that crashed my system when filming.


Watch out for volume increase at the end, might give you a heart attack.


Wonky Joystick Productions


A voice Made For silent Movies


Videos For fun




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