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Just thought i'd share my thoughts after having a play around with the new scenery, first of all id like to praise the team for their efforts on this one as it is of high quality that you could expect from Orbx, however, i have noticed one thing that is making the 'immersion' aspect of doing ops out of egnm slip a little. The terrain model, i understand that Leeds is a somewhat 'bumpy'/un leveled airfield in some areas but in X plane at some stages the aircraft do not like the sudden change in gradient. In the first screenshot i am on the taxiway entering the backtrack for Rwy 14 and the steep gradient onto the runway requires about 40% power to be able to maintain speed, i which from my experience at EGNM IRL this is not the case. The second screenshot is the runway itself, if you look closely the runway is a little wavy, which is pretty accurate to the real thing, but, when on the take off roll and going over these changes in gradient the aircrafts nose leaves the ground momenterily and repeats until the back end of the slope. I guess my main point here is that i think that it would be better if the airfield (Particularlythe runway area) is somewhat 'smoothend' to try to prevent this from happening. Thanks for reading :) 

On ramp.jpg


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Hi Jake,


Thanks for the feedback.


As you can imagine, implementing an accurate 'wave' across the entire airport is quite challenging. The main issue is the we needed to make the apron area reasonably flat as this would otherwise create issues with model placement etc.


Going from the sloping runway to the flatter apron introduces a technical complication which creates the bumps and slopes that your seeing.


Based on your feedback, we'll review the terrain and see if we can tweak it a bit further to smooth it out some more.





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I understand the diffuculty of getting this perfect.


The runway itself (after a few flights) is not a problem, but more of an 'It would be nice' case in which im not too fussed but it's just a little thing that i noticed, which i was think if making it a gradual increase in gradient instead of it being wavy, of course you guys know better.


But the taxiway is a thing that i beleive could be looked into a little bit more, as its just too steep. However i digress, and have full faith in your team as this still is an amazing scenery in which i want to praise you once again. 


Thanks for the reply, and i look forward to see what you guys come up with.

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