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Hi all,


of course I always want to improve things and so I wonder about the following:


My simulator runs 16 gb memory and it's all 64bit of course but my P3d 4.4 and my Xplane 11.36 never use more than approx. 3,2 gb ram.

There is always 50% of the memory not in usage while flying. And I think regarding panning around and so could be better if the sims

use more memory. But this is controlled by WIN10 and I don't find any tweaks to adjust it. To change the priority in the taskmanager does nothing.


So what I have is the opposite of the famous OOM-issue, even with heavy addons and settings. Does somebody know how to handle this?





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The amount of memory used by XPlane is a function of  what is loaded at run time (plugins  etc), the aircraft used (e.g the popular ZIBO add on for the 737 has a large RAM requirement) , the scenery mesh resolution   and the type of scenery used.


For example, both HD mesh and  ortho scenery have a significant resource requirement. It is not uncommon when loading Orbx TE (a combination of a high resolution mesh and ortho scenery)  to find that I am using from 13 - 18 GB of memory for XPlane alone. 


The following screenshot may help to illustrate what is happening. It is a combination of the Win10 first task manager screen and also the resource monitor screen. As you can see, the task manager appears to show that XPlane is using about 6.2 GB of memory.  However the resource monitor screen provides a much more in-depth and instructive understanding of how XPlane is actually using RAM


In this context , my understanding is as follows:


Commit - amount of virtual memory (RAM and Disk) used by the process. If you have sufficient physical RAM available then it is the true footprint of XPlane's memory usage. If the available physically installed RAM is less than that required then this would represent both physical RAM and page file requirements.


Working set - amount of physical RAM currently used by the process. In my experience this will vary depending on how/where you are flying - i.e. it could contain for example, orthoscenery which is in memory available for use as you transition from one scenery tile to another (In XPlane the function extended DSF which controls this is on by default)


Shareable - amount of physical memory in use by the process that can be shared with other processes


Private - amount of physical memory in use by the process that cannot be shared with other processes.


So in this case , XPlane is actually using about 14 GB of RAM , even though it appears in the task manager that it is using much less.  Adding the OS and other running processes to this figure it is easy to be in the range of 16-20 GB of total memory useage. If physical RAM is insufficient to handle this then everything will begin to slow down as the OS will start using the disk page file to attempt to keep all processes running.


Hope this is of some help






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On 9/22/2019 at 8:18 PM, renault said:

The amount of memory used by XPlane is a function of  what is loaded at run time (plugins  etc)

Hi Renault, thank you very much for your explanation, I am a bit late here, sorry. 


Meanwhile I have some TE scenery for Xplane as well and I will use this here to compare what happens.

I'll be back soon.




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Great explanation Renault - that makes things much clearer with regard to memory usage. That said, I have the same question that I think andiflyit was asking: is it possible to force more stuff (eg scenery) into memory "just in case"? I've got loads and loads of memory in my setup and even now that I know more RAM might be in use than Task Manager reports, there is still lots of room for more! I'm assuming that by loading more into memory it would make transitions between scenery areas and general graphic performance smoother?  



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