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you seem to have placed LOWI under your Open LC entries.

This will not have any noticeable effect but it should be above them.


More importantly, you have unticked the LOWI scenery library entry.

It will not display unless it is ticked.

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Please try moving the Vector AEC entry up one so that it is above the Default scenery entry in your scenery library.

Also disable Dynamic 3D autogen vegetation.

You will need to restart P3D to see the changes.

However, I still cannot replicate your shot exactly unless I remove LOWI and set the scenery complexity to its minimum.

Even then there is an airport building on the left that should be in your screen shot.

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There's definitly something wrong with the installer


I've desinstalled all ORBX products


Then I've re-installed in this order :



- OPEN LC EUROPE + P3D reboot

- ORBX LIbraries + P3D reboot

- ORBX Objectflow + P3D reboot

- ORBX LOWI + P3D reboot


then I realize that FTX_AA_LOWI is not registered in the scenery.cfg !


Of course, on LOWI airport, the scenery displayed is the default P3D LOWi scenery


so I create an entry for FTX_AA_LOWI and restart P3D : and same problem than before, --> deseparetely empty scenery


For the record, I'v tryed exactly the same installation on FSX SE, and it worked well


I'm pretty sure you have an issue with your installer for P3D (P3D V4.5 on my side)


Again..ORBX EGLC works fine








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If you go to the LOWI page in Orbx Central, you will see "Configure".

Click on that and you will see the control panel that allows a great many options.

Selecting the last option should add the missing buildings.

Do not forget to click on Save Changes.



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