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Jackson Hole - Lear 35A

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20 hours ago, BradB said:

Some cool mountain air to cool your V-key from this evening flights huh Adam . :D:rolleyes::lol:





Don't know what got into me tonight John. :D


20 hours ago, ftwd said:

Great pics, I love their version of the Falcon 50 too.




Thank you Nathan. :)


17 hours ago, lifejogger said:

More great shots Adam, the scenery is fantastic.....  Did you get a new computer?

Nope, same old eight year old computer John. :D


17 hours ago, Stillwater said:

A billionaires plane at a billionaires meeting point. Looks like one of your typical weekends... :D

Say what, I live on the other side of the tracks Gerold. :D


16 hours ago, scottb613 said:

Hi Adam,


LOL - well I guess seeing the "Lear 35A" is like ringing the dinner bell for me - nice set in absolutely beautiful ORBX country...



That and the Cheyenne, Scott. :D

Thank you much. :)

15 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Very cool shots Adam and that Lear is perfect for this airport!  Who makes this Lear?  Asking for a friend :D

Thank you Jack. :)

Flysimware makes the aircraft.

10 hours ago, dolf8857 said:

Outstanding shots Adam!

Thank you Dolf. :)


10 hours ago, FlyBlueSkies said:


Its the Flysimware Lear 35A. They just updated the textures and sounds. Very nice plane.

They are getting much better at doing textures, both inside and out. :)


9 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great set of shots. 



Thank you Iain. :)


9 hours ago, Ken Hall said:

Superb Adam 

Much appreciated Ken. :)


4 hours ago, olderndirt said:

Love the altocumulus clouds in the last one - don't see them in XP.  

Thank you OND. :)


2 hours ago, JohnnyJohnJohn said:

Wow!  That second shot especially!  Postcard Material!

Thank you very much Johnny. :)

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