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I am not ORBX, just a long time ORBX user who loves to fly Bush and Float Planes in Washington State so I feel that I am qualified to make this comparison.

Two mornings ago at 10:15 I started the download and install process for TE Washington on my mid range computer.  I always download with a backup and file verification.  My download speed averaged around 2.5 Mbs and the whole process took over 10 hours to complete.  

Was tying up my computer for that long worth it?

Hell yes it was. 

This is the most beautiful scenery that I have ever flown and my frame rates improved over P3ds'

While flying down the North Shore of Orcas Island I saw beaches, piers, and other structures that I have never seen before.  

I added  Darrington, Anacortes, and Pearson Field  to the mix and they were all breathtaking compared to P3d.

I know that ORBX is going to continue to pick my pocket as they release the rest of their titles for the area, something that has been happening ever since I first downloaded and installed 3W5 Concrete in 2009 and discovered how good FSX could look.

Oh well, at least I get a hefty discount because I own all of the NA titles.

It will help to pay for that Super Sized drive I will need to store them.



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The Enhancement Pack contains the following:


- Choice of 512, 1024 or 2048 textures for all autogen and POI models. The default is 512


- Additional 3D modelled buildings at KSEA, KBFI, KRNT and KPAE, particularly the massive Boeing factories


- Bonus copy of Israel’s Farm



The main delay with its release it that new functionality had to be added to Orbx Central to allow directories to be renamed.

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On 8/3/2019 at 8:59 PM, John Venema said:

new functionality had to be added to Orbx Central to allow directories to be renamed.


Hi John, does this mean we'll be able to rename ORBX directories ourselves to fit any naming scheme we might like to adopt? I'd love that but I'd be surprised if you allowed it.

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I have GTX1070ti with 8GB VRAM and an (already older) 6-core i7-3930K running at 3.9 GHz and 32GB RAM.

Will it possible to run this enhancement pack in the default mode of 512KB setting - maybe 1024KB in >20FPS?

Thank you for any advise

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