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Here's one for the DC3 fans, not to mention PlaneSavers!

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Thanks for sharing Bruce e. The passion these guys have for these wonderful aircraft

is great to see. They will live on for many years to come.

I flew up from Christchurch to Wellington on one of last remaining DC3 aircraft in the

now Air New Zealand's fleet in 1968 I think is was. I had walked out on to the tarmac

expecting to find a Fokker Friendship and lo & behold here was this beauty.

What I remember most was how quiet and smooth it was. Helped no doubt by a fine day.

Many a day I would go to the airport at Paraparaumu ( before Wellington had ground airport )

and watch the DC3's and Bristol freighters come and go. What a beautiful sound.

I still see the odd one take off from my local airport after a maintenance check at Field Air.

Sadly they few and far between now.




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I was at Duxford along with some of my fellow VA DC-3 pilots including Orbx Nick Cooper and saw and heard the massed  takeoffs and flyovers. Exciting time I will always remember. If you want to fly these types of missions in the C-47/DC-3, come join us at www.dc3airways.net. You won't be disappointed.


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