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active Help needed: Migrating FTX + content to a new PC (new OS but transferring old HDs)

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I build my own PCs and it is time for an upgrade (to Win10). I have everything ready, including all the new parts assembled in the new case etc. Soon it'll be time to close down my current PC (Win7) for the last time and transfer the bits I'm keeping to the new case. I'm transferring all my existing hard drives and just adding a new one (which will be my new C: drive) on which I'll install the OS. I really, really want to avoid re-downloading all my ORBX products (esp. TrueEarth!). I had P3D v4.4 installed on a seperate HD (i.e. not my old C: drive). When I make the move to the new PC I want to install v4.5. The question is, how can make this jump and transfer/install/repair FTX Central without re-downloading the content please?

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I would have thought that you can install the P3d drive into your new pc.

Then install P3D v 4.5 client.

That should give you a working copy of what you had.

If you wish to update the client and scenery as well, do so without uninstalling either.

Install FTX Central.

Then reinstall Global Base and HD Trees.

Verify the libraries, Buildings HD and KSUN.

That should do it.



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