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Hello guys,

I'm a big fan ob Orbx photorealistic tecture's.

Some time ago there was a discussion wheter people want Orbx Germany for X-Plane.

What was the result of the discussion and are there any plans to release Orbx Germany for X-Plane?

Many friends of mine are switching to P3D at the moment because of this insane Orbx scenery.

I really hope to see it in X-Plane soon!

Best wishes

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Hello John,


... you have posted a few month ago "we hope to make TrueEarth Germany one day"  What do you mean - one day- ?  End of this year? Next year? or? Do you have a timeline?

ORBX LOWI is great, but not in germany. :-(   Lake Constance with EDTZ and EDNY is a very nice aera too. :-)


Thank You for your answer ...

a patiently waiting x-plane user from germany.



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Hi guys, thanks for supporting this topic.

... but our problem is: we are not enough sim-pilots. :-[ one hundred more, than ... maybe ... orbx management would deside to rollout trueearth germany for x-plane.

Until this happens, we have to fly around the world out of germany to use orbx sceneries. :( 

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Hi guys,


I really like the ORBX sceneries and true earth England, got all three of them, although I am German and fly most times in Germany. This said, I would really love to have True Earth Germany on X-Plane and would definitely for me worth the money. 


Hope this comes one day...



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I would imagine it would be both eventually, that's how it seems o be going........one always has to be done first but it doesn't mean the other is forgotten...

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would be an instand buy for me and I'd guess also for a huge chunk of the VATSIM Germany division - can't really believe that there are too less people to realize such project? 

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