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Aimee Sanjari

EGLC London City Airport Officially Announced for X-Plane 11!

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2 hours ago, John Venema said:


It’s In final beta testing now, just tidying up some last minute buy]gs the testing team have found.


Thanks for the heads up, glad to know it is on short final :)

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1 hour ago, davenicoll said:

Don't forget guys, as far as I am aware EGLC is certified for a 5 degree glideslope.



The glideslope at EGLC is even steeper -> 5.5° vs 3° for standard ILS

One interesting fact is that BA operates a daily service from EGLC to New York JFK with an... Airbus A318 Elite

This aircraft is the biggest type to be been at London City airport (the runway being less than 2000m long) but is certified for steep approaches with glide slopes of 5.5° ;)


Actually I did a flight report of BA002 (KJFK to EGLC) last year for those interested -> https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/158088-flight-report-new-york-to-london-city-with-ba002/?tab=comments#comment-1392833


There is no A318 for XP11 so maybe I can try it with the A319 Toliss or the A320 FF :ph34r: :rolleyes: :D

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