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I wrote a poem some time ago you may find amusing;


                                         The Chair


The chair I’ve sat in for three years past

I’ve decided will no longer last


Oh my, oh dear, the deed is done

and my chair is replaced with another one


My old chair was fine when I was stood

but when I was sat it was doing my back no good


The new chair is clad in leather

so my bum won’t sweat whatever the weather


I’ve sat in it all the afternoon

and my back and rear tell me it’s quite a boon

so I’ll not be changing this one quite so soon

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So glad you wrote this poem, John,

It's nice to read and think upon.

I'm specially glad you chose your chair

And not some piece of ORBX ware.

I'd hate to think of all the woes

That'd come with writing one of those.

Probably Venema would make a hex

To send you back to FSX.

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I can't believe you wrote this poem
I wish I'd drunk a jeroboam
I'd feel much better after that
And then I'd play some baccarat

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