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XP 11 - Cruising the Cornish Cliffs

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Something I have done in R/L - a long time ago - in a K-13 not a 21 though.. 



Winching off 27 at Perranporth Airfield towards the cliffs -bit of a crosswind 20 knot NW'ly.



Heading towards Perranporth and the beach -



Off we go down towards St Ives - St Agnes village and beach off to the left - fine food and real ale in the pub there.



The cliffs stretch out in front of us



Coming up on what was RAF Portreath - now Remote Radar Head Portreath or RRH Portreath an air defence radar station.



Coming up to the end of our journey towards the south west - St . Ives across the bay



Around Godvery Lighthouse we go..



Decided to go a little lower and faster on the way back -the lorry driver looked surprised! Nearly chocked on his Yorkie bar!



Past RRH Portreath on the return leg -a little lower this time.



Back to Perranporth......



and into land back on 27.


Feel like a bit of soaring come and join us over at X-Plane Gliders  there are some exciting developments coming down the pipeline to make soaring in XP11 more interesting and realistic....... Orbx how about doing a gliding field for OrbX TE GB - Lasham is the largest gliding club in the world, home of the Gliding Heritage Centre and even rents out part of the airfield to a jet maintenance company!



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After posting the shots above - took another launch to see how far north along the cliffs I could get.



Not going to show the horrible water masking issue around Newquay Airport -here we are heading north



Made it up all the way to Hartland Point -here the cliffs turn 90 degrees



The cliffs near Westward Ho! were a little lower  - and so was I.



Can I make it across to Chivenor airfield??



Looking good - some nice fields to the right if I can't make it..



Safely down - after a flight of 70 miles along the cliffs


Will have to get the Antares out  -think we might be able to do a 300km out and return task from Land End........




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